Ronaldo debuts in Saudi league leads Al-Nasser to three points

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese star and owner of the most expensive wages in history Made his first game for Al-Nasser as captain. Ready to lead the new agency to slash Al-Ittifak 1-0 in the Saudi Pro League battle on January 

Cristiano Ronaldo, the new striker of Al-Nasser, a Saudi Arabian league team . Enter the field for the agency as the first game After a two-match ban along with leading the UFABET team to open the nest, slashing Al- Ittifak 1-0 from Taliska’s winning goal in the 31st minute in the Saudi Professional League 2022-2023 season at Mir Stadium Soul Park on Sunday, January 22, the past. 

Ronaldo debuts in Saudi league leads Al-Nasser to three points

The 37-year-old star has yet to play for a team in the oil millionaire league. Since moving to join the army for free for 2 and a half years or until the end of June 2025, ready to receive wages, which include various trade agreements, up to almost 200 million euros per year, or about 7,400 million baht, because he has Two-match ban from Manchester United

However, he was already on display for around 22,862 fans in friendly games. As captain of the all-star team against   Paris Saint-Germain Giants from the French Ligue on Thursday, January 19, the past. by doing two goals but could not help the team win, having lost 4-5 until the last has officially launched with the agency By staying in and playing for 90 minutes

Although unable to score goals But he was praised by French head coach Rudy Garcia, who said: “I want him to enjoy playing. And tonight he was happy to play for the first time with his new team. He is one of the best players in the history of football. So it’s very important for us to do everything possible to keep him in the best shape.”

At this time, Al-Nasser is at the top of the Pro League table, playing 14 games, winning 10, drawing 3, losing 1, with 33 points, 1 point ahead of Al-Hilal, but playing less than 1 match. The next game, the owner of the ball is down. Dor 5 times as team captain Prepare to lead the army for a Super Cup semi-final against Al-Ittihad at the King Fahad International Stadium on Thursday, January