The form is not good, but famous European teams flock to grab “Sanso” to join the army.

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Not just Spurs! Famous journalists have revealed that in addition to the “Golden Spur Chicken” team interested in Jadon Sanso, the offensive player of the “Red Devils” army, there are also famous European teams like Paris Saint-Germain and Napoli.

Jadon Sanso, the offensive player of the ทางเข้า ufabet team “Red Devils” Manchester United, the giant club of English Premier League football, since moving from Borussia Dortmund, the famous team of the Bundesliga football team. The German Desliga is as if unable to perform as outstandingly as when playing in Beer, although the “Red Devils” head coach Erik ten Hag tried to give him a chance to play.

The form is not good, but famous European teams flock to grab "Sanso" to join the army.

 With a form that doesn’t seem to match the Manchester United team, there has been news that Jadon Sanso has a high chance of moving to the team. Until the news came out that Tottenham Hotspur. A famous club in the English Premier League, was interested in getting a player to enhance the offensive game next season. This is what CBS Sports correspondent Ben Jacobs revealed. It is true that Spurs want this player. But there is no official contact.

“I understand that Erik ten Hag gave Sanso a fair chance. But the results that came out have to say that he is not at the top of the team. At this point, if Spurs are interested in Sanso, there may be talks between the parties. Because I think that if offered 50-60 million pounds, Manchester United will be ready to consider. Because the team has players that they want. In which money can already be discussed.

Ben Jacobs said it was possible the two teams would negotiate. Because Spurs’ interest in Sanso is true. And two other European clubs are also interested in him, Paris Saint-Germain. Famous teams in French Ligue 1 and Napoli, famous teams in Serie A, Italy