“Bloating-Indigestion” from 7 causes that you may not have known

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Every time after eating, my stomach felt tight, uncomfortable, tight, like indigestion. He suffered so much that many times he had to rely on medicine to help with digestion. Who has these symptoms? What is the cause? So how can we reduce these symptoms? Health has the answer for you.

“Bloating-Indigestion” from 7 causes that you may not have known

Why do I have bloating and indigestion?

Bloating and indigestion are pain that occurs at the top of the chest or under the epigastrics during or after eating It caused stomach discomfort. This may happen sometimes. Or some people may have this happen so many times that they need to consider checking with a doctor.

Causes of flatulence – indigestion

Mostly bloating. And indigestion occurs from both the food we eat and eating behavior Including our own lives, such as

  1. Eating behaviors such as chewing food not thoroughly before swallowing, eating quickly, eating a lot in a short time, eating oily, spicy food, food that is difficult to digest such as various raw foods, drinking alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, tea, coffee,ทางเข้า ufabet etc.
  2. Lifestyle behaviors such as stress, worry, smoking, etc.
  3. Weight above the standard or are obese There will be bloating. More indigestion than the average person Because the pressure in the abdominal cavity will increase.
  4. pregnant mother Hormones will change The uterus will enlarge. increased pressure in the abdomen Until it causes bloating.
  5. Side effects from certain medicines that affect the digestive system, such as steroids, antibiotics, etc.
  6. Other health problems such as stomach ulcers or small intestine , acid reflux, gallstones, gluten intolerance, etc.
  7. Other causes such as genetics or hormones, etc.

How much bloating and indigestion is dangerous?

If it is symptoms of bloating and indigestion Indigestion that occurs infrequently It may not be dangerous. But if you have bloating and bloating along with these symptoms frequently or for more than 1 week or more You should see a doctor immediately.

  1. Bloating and bloating even if you don’t eat much.
  2. You get full quickly after eating for a short time.
  3. Burning sensation in the middle of the chest, between the breastbone and the navel.
  4. nausea, belching, vomiting

How to reduce bloating and indigestion

  1. Reduce eating too much.
  2. Chew food thoroughly before swallowing.
  3. Reduce eating spicy food. and high-fat foods
  4. reduce smoking and drink alcohol
  5. Ask your personal doctor. If medicines used to treat other diseases cause bloating.

Tips: Drinking water while eating Doesn’t cause bloating or indigestion in any way Including drinking cold water.