I can’t speak. Ask and answer What is the cause?

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I believe that in your life you must have encountered people that you feel are from another planet. That is, people we can’t reach. I feel like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Unable to communicate with each other, speaking in strange ways, unable to hear, and not understanding what is being said. Until it was hard to tell that he was just a weird person. Or is there a brain disorder? Health will tell you the common symptoms of this type of person. Understand them more Including people who are currently experiencing this problem. Let’s try to find a solution.

I can't speak. Ask and answer What is the cause?

General symptoms of people who can’t speak clearly

– asking questions and answering things like “Did it rain just now?” may answer “It’s okay, there’s an umbrella,” etc. It’s the same thing. But the answer is not accurate to the question
– alternating words, alternating sentences, or speaking in abbreviations to the point of being incomprehensible, for example, the subject or object may be omitted. So much so that we don’t understand who exactly did what and where
– speaking out in the middle of the โปรโมชั่น ufabet story. It’s like the beginning of the sentence is missing. There’s only the last sentence. fell out of the mouth Makes it difficult to understand what the full story is.
– Speak quickly, speak quickly, and the sentences are incomplete.
– The results or conclusions of the story may come out before the story is laid out.
– Change the talking topic so quickly that you can’t keep up.

The thought process of people who have communication problems.

– The brain thinks too quickly until the shot is skipped and the brain moves faster than the mouth. Therefore causing the answer to be inaccurate. Because I have already thought of the answer in advance, for example asking “Did it rain just now?” The actual answer is “Raining” but my brain thinks of the shock that it is raining, but it’s okay, there is no problem because I brought an umbrella, so I just answer. “It’s okay, bring an umbrella.”
– With a quick thinking brain Grasping the details and thinking about it in circles a lot makes it impossible to think of words in time according to the brain. For example, when telling a story from 1>2>3>4, the mouth is telling 1, but when the brain has already thought of 3, it skips to saying 3. Then when I felt like I hadn’t said 2 yet, I went back and told 2 again.

I can’t speak. Brain abnormalities Or just a weird person?

We will never know until we see a doctor and try talking or taking tests the doctor gives to measure brain function.

How to improve speaking skills Communicating to make people understand more
1. Speak more slowly. Before speaking, try to compose sentences before speaking. It may sound like a waste of time. But for practice, you must try.
2. If you want to tell a long story, And there are a lot of small details. Try writing down and arranging the sequence of events on paper first, then slowly repeat what you wrote down. to practice speaking Telling stories in the right order
3. Before answering other people’s questions Try repeating the person’s question again to double-check exactly what they’re asking.
4. Try giving short answers. No need to go into much detail. To practice not skipping what is being said. And then go into the details instead.
5. Learn to type everything you want to say. Check to see if you have read and understood. and practice speaking from what is frequently typed

Besides, you should keep observing yourself. and asked around friends If you have a problem to the point of interfering with your life or work, it is recommended that you consult a specialist doctor. To receive proper treatment, you may not actually have any serious disease. But you may need to try reorganizing your brain. To communicate with people in society to understand more easily However, people around you should encourage him. rather than seeing him as a strange person. Or stop dating him first.